Monday, 7 February 2011

Hello everyone, Louise here.

I am finally through what was an extremely hectic week and now I'm getting back on track. Firstly I'll tell you what I did last we because you arty folk might be interested. I work in a primary school as a higher level teaching assistant, I am also the art and display coordinator so if anything arty is required I'm the one people run to. Anyhow, last week we had a full week of Chinese activities to celebrate Chinese new year. I held 11 workshops (yes 11!) to create two huge Chinese dragons which we used in a parade on Friday. It was great fun but it was hard work and required a lot of planning and preparation. Here is the finished result.....

I'm so glad I had the brain wave to create the structure from coat hangers, being able to hang it up made the job so much easier. I hope you like them :)

OK on to what Dottie's world is for..... showing of the fabulous downloads and other products from Charmed Cards and Crafts.

I have been making another easel card, I love these because you are able to make all kinds of fab 3D scenes with a little imagination. Here I have made our cute little lady sir forward from the card base in a little flower garden....

Here you can see that you don't need towers of foam pads or piles of silicone glue to achieve this 3D effect. All you actually need is a folded strip of card attached to the back of the image with the fold at the top. Simple hey!

I think I smell burning food! Must dash!


Jac said...

Wow your dragons are awesome! Bet the children loved being involved in their creation.

Your card is adorable, it is so efffective with her sitting out from the card.

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